Institutions involved

Department XXIV Pharmacy of the Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin


The Department XXIV Pharmacy of the Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin is a central service provider. For our outpatients and inpatients, we supply all specialist departments and outpatient departments of the hospital with medicines and medical supplies. In addition, our staff is not only available on weekdays, but is also available for acute care in urgent cases at night and on weekends.

Here in our capital, our customers also include the highest federal authorities as well as the medical service of the Federal Foreign Office and the foreign offices of the Armed Forces Office.


In comparison to many hospital pharmacies, our mandate is broad. In addition to medicines, medical products such as dressings, sutures, orthopedic aids, dental consumables and diagnostics are also part of our medical supplies. The products are selected and procured under both qualitative and pharma-economic aspects.

In addition, we support the specialist departments of our company with the manufacture of special – non-commercially available – (emergency) drugs and medical products on a prescription and defect scale. Their manufacture is geared to medical requirements. Here, too, contemporary scientific as well as economic findings are incorporated into our work.


A broad field of activity of our pharmacy includes the performance of tasks relating to drug therapy safety. In addition to advising physicians and nurses in the wards on general pharmaceutical issues, we are also a leader in the field of drug information and therapeutic drug monitoring. The determination of blood levels of therapy-relevant antibiotics, as well as the accompaniment of rounds and cooperation in various project groups and commissions of the company, e.g. antibiotic stewardship. In order to achieve and maintain this goal, we attach great importance to the professional qualification and further training of our pharmaceutical staff. In order to secure the next generation of pharmacists, we are intensively involved in the training of all pharmaceutical professions – from pharmaceutical commercial employees to pharmaceutical technical assistants and pharmacists.


As our civilian employees and soldiers of the Bundeswehr Hospital pharmacy have formulated in their self-developed mission statement, we see ourselves primarily as a customer-oriented service provider.

Department Bioresources for Bioeconomy and Health of the Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH


In 2019, the ISO 9001-certified Leibniz Institute DSMZ celebrates its 50th anniversary since its foundation as a university microbe bank of the University of Göttingen. Today, the DSMZ is one of the world’s largest and most diverse bioresource centres and has five departments. The Bioresources for Bioeconomy and Health Department also houses the growing phage bank with the task of providing the bioresources for research, industry and teaching. Phages are deposited by research groups, but increasingly isolated and characterized from natural habitats by the phages research group itself. The phages are then added to the public collection or to the group’s own application-oriented projects. The DSMZ infrastructure allows all modern methodological approaches to the research of any phages, including genome sequencing and bioinformatics. For the PhagoFlow project, DSMZ is compiling efficient phage sets for prioritized frequent bacterial pathogens, which will be purified at Fraunhofer ITEM and later administered to individual patients in individually adapted mixtures (phage “cocktails”). Each of these phages was previously tested in the DSMZ for efficiency and safety criteria and its biological properties.